On Flying

I have made this journey before, but not this journey
Destination has become origin
Origin has become destination
Journey becomes hard to flatten out into a readable line

Supposed to feel circle, and cycle
But all I feel is the need to feel circle and cycle

Still got the same cowlicks
A voice pushing out between these gums

Same airport
Same airlines
I came here on
“Here” is a word floating around heart
“Here” is never landing

I look to all of this for some memory
Some marker of time and place from which to see myself
The hum of different languages is always the same
It is a hum
A collective wind
Competing with
The voice on the airport loudspeaker that’s always telling us to trust in distrust
All of theses planes
Waiting to be filled like palms with water
To be moving like my mother’s, and her mother’s, needle through the blue
When they fly
They leave grey letters across the sky
That look like lighthouse beams through San Francisco fog

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2 Responses to On Flying

  1. Adía says:

    great piece! it makes me sad though to see that “welcome to korea” sign reaffirming you’re really gone. i do look forward to reading more

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