Speaking and Being Spoken to

I promise a more “concrete” update will be coming soon. Until then here is a poem that I wrote after visiting a shopping mall in Cheong Ju.



When you are adopted

some things are given


my eyelids passed on by mothers and fathers of the sun

my sudden waterfall of nose

my cheekbones that hold Corea’s mountains

My face

that is everywhere in this shopping mall

but on the mannequins and billboards


and then my tongue

When I speak to the salesman in hangul

“hello” and “thank you”

Are loose stones tumbling from a fortress wall

Then there is only tremble and distance

Something in history snipped


The chest’s skin peels back in rough patches

My insides feeling the air between his lips and mine

it is a cold slap of guilt called bloodline


remember the first giving

follow it back through time to

the moment I do not remember

but always carry with me


I become him

The child too young to know

the birthmother in the doorway

the decision, something she is plummeting into

her hands reaching toward him for the last time

as if love was a kite’s string spooling out from his tiny heart

as he is carried away in someone’s arms

that hold him like wind


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2 Responses to Speaking and Being Spoken to

  1. Adía says:

    You’re a kite, I like that

  2. Blythe says:

    Beautiful!! Kites can ride the wind, but need something to anchor it! This is a great way of seeing yourself in the present! Keep discovering you!

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