Freewrite on Anger…

When I am most angry

sometimes I wish for a piece of land to farm

I would scream at the empty of my house

Then step outside and

crumble earth between my fingers until

summer turned my skin into a husk

I would plant and grow

cabbages and sweet potatoes and고추

while anger would pour from my hands like falling pearls

into that great vessel, the soil,

that would take what the soul could not hold


Harvest would arrive overnight

As if while I slept,

God’s long fingers were dripping honey over the fields

I would wake to the sound of family brushing dew from the leaves

and run outside to receive these gifts.

We would watch as peppers would ripen in time

lapse as they were plucked from their branches


At night we would cook

together, laughing like cutlery chattering against porcelain

we would eat and eat and eat

as if we were trying to gather in all the missing pieces of ourselves

and everyone

would be full

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2 Responses to Freewrite on Anger…

  1. bobblesse says:

    Wonderful …

  2. this reminds me of a quote from king of the hill “I start growing roses after doctor cut off my Xanax. Very relaxing to have total control over another living thing.”

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