2nd time leaving

does an infant feel like this?

would he have known what he was leaving from

without the words for border or home

without naming

the mind drifts as it

grows without remembering why it holds what it holds

like skin

a child’s scab stretches into wide scars you forget

above the hairline

in the crook of the forearm

a spot you see every day but have forgotten to see everyday

all of the theory and poems can’t remember the leaving

like a place does

growth happens when you can admit: you have felt this feeling before

not the same airport this time, not sure if it matters

when the return is like a lover’s fingers

finding the surfaces of you that you were unable to remember

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2 Responses to 2nd time leaving

  1. Nami Kim says:

    loved last two lines

  2. soblesse says:

    Thank you for reading!

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