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Beyond Qualifications: contextualizing the foreign English teaching experience

I post this as an foreign English teacher working and living in Korea. I post this as a Korean-American adoptee and as a recipient of a privileged government teaching contract. I post this out of my love for education as the … Continue reading

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My feelings on the media that either says that the DPRK is a dangerous threat, or that the DPRK is not a big deal and it’s a situation most South Koreans are numb to

There has been a lot of media hype about the tensions on the Korean Peninsula. While much of the media has covered the fear we should be feeling, some writers have been taking the “bold” stance of speaking about a … Continue reading

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A continuation of my “not-a-30/30” poetry series

“being second generation is such a tightrope between the “homeland” and here” —my sister on the similarities between the adoptee and 2nd generation refugee experiences   There is power when language vibrates my throat ugly An adoptee advocate tells the Korean … Continue reading

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Not even gonna call this part of 30/30 cause that would be lying

Just saw Olympus Had Fallen I wanna go buy a gun and kill every fucking Asian —tweet about the new movie Olympus Has Fallen which features a group of North Korean villains attempting to take over the White House     Untitled … Continue reading

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Poetry Update

Special thanks to Denise Jolly for encouraging me to write this. Check out her work at: The following two-part poem is a found poem derived from the texts of two newspaper articles-one from Tahoe, California and one from Korea-both places … Continue reading

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