A continuation of my “not-a-30/30” poetry series

“being second generation is such a tightrope between the “homeland” and here”

—my sister on the similarities between the adoptee and 2nd generation refugee experiences


There is power when language vibrates my throat ugly

An adoptee advocate tells the Korean government

She will address them in English by choice

As English was never a choice she was given

The margins of me are a tide that pulls everything out


My throat ugly when language vibrates with power

A Corean student asks me why he must learn English

My answers blossom like Japanese cherry trees on Corean soil

the 18 years of ESL classes

I never had to take

Vine with my vocal chords and wither


If you ask me why I came back here

I can tell you:

I am living somewhere between those two stanzas

Home as much a culling

as that which is reaped

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2 Responses to A continuation of my “not-a-30/30” poetry series

  1. linda says:

    you should record these. seriously it’d be really cool to hear this out loud. hope youre doing well in korea

  2. soblesse says:

    Thanks Linda! Thanks for the encouragement, Maybe I’ll try that haha. Hope you are well too

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