So I am now living in Seoul. Said goodbye to Jeonju with bottles of cold beer and some dried fish as crispy as the accompanying sauce was spicy.

cold beer

It’s my first time living in a “real” city. It’s a city full of elbow-to-rib bus rides, intense cell-phone subway addiction by even the most elderly of residents, and smells that waft up from the cities creases that could make a cockroach blush.

Why I did it:

I moved here for the same reason I came to the country in the first place: growth. I want to learn how to grow things, I want to learn how to turn those things into delicious sustenance, and I want to write about it all in a way that makes the world understand the land we have forgotten and the myths that we need to create.

I wasn’t completely happy with my Fulbright experience, for a myriad of reasons some in and out of my control (another blog post to come on this). I wanted to feel involved in something that was transforming my environment for the healthier and happier. And here, despite the ability to spend an entire day in one of the densest cities in the world without talking to anyone, I believe this is the place where I can find the connections that will help me in the next steps in my life.

Missing my Jeonju family, but looking forward to what may come.

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One Response to Moving

  1. Big city living! But it sounds like that’s not even what you’re going for…

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